“My number is 11, as all their numbers who are of us. The Five Pointed Star, with a Circle in the Middle, & the circle is Red. My colour is black to the blind, but the blue & gold are seen of the seeing. Also I have a secret glory for them that love me.”

― Aleister CROWLEY, The Book of the Law


In NUMEROLOGY – 11 represents impractical idealism, visionary, refinement of ideals, intuition, revelation, artistic and inventive genius, avant-garde, androgynous, film, fame, refinement fulfilled when working with a practical partner. Eleven is a higher octave of the number two. It carries psychic vibrations and has an equal balance of masculine and feminine properties. Because eleven contains many gifts such as psychic awareness and a keen sense of sensitivity, it also has negative effects such as treachery and betrayal from secret enemies.

Many associate 11:11 with a wake-up code / alarm as they see it on digit clocks and watches. It can also be seen as a key to unlock the subconscious mind – our genetic encoded memories … that we are spirits having a physical experience – not physical beings embarking on a spiritual experience.

11:11 – or derivatives of these numbers – 111 and 11 – are digits that repeat in time – thus a metaphor for reality as patterns that repeat in time for us to experience. This can refer to the rise and fall of civilizations – our personal experiences and lessons – loops in time – whatever – they are cycles of time that create and recreate following the blueprint.



Vanessa Sinclair [ American psychoanalyst and writer ]


 Vanessa Sinclair, photo: Carl Abrahamsson

Vanessa Sinclair, PsyD, is a psychoanalyst and clinical psychologist in private practice in New York City. She is one of the founding members of Das Unbehagen: A Free Association for Psychoanalysis. Together with artist Katelan Foisy, she explores the magic and artistic expression of the cut-up method and the third mind (chaosofthethirdmind.com). Her first book of cut-up poetry Switching Mirrors was recently published by TRAPART (www.trapart.net)


Kubik [ músico português ]


Victor Afonso (aka KUBIK), o compositor radicado na cidade da Guarda, está de regresso às edições discográficas. Depois de “Oblique Musique” (2001), “Metamorphosia” (2005) e “Psicotic Jazz Hall” (2011), editou já neste mês de Outubro o álbum “Rock Extravaganza”. O Die Elektrischen Vorspiele aproveitou esta oportunidade para colocar a conversa em dia com aquele que é um dos criadores mais interessantes do panorama musical nacional da actualidade.


Carl Abrahamsson [ Swedish writer and film-maker ]


Carl Abrahamsson, 2015. Photo: Isabel Berg

Carl Abrahamsson is a Swedish writer and film-maker who’s also worked with photography and music as artistic expressions. He edits and publishes the annual occultural journal “The Fenris Wolf”, which collects material from the colourful grey area between art and esotericism.


FARMACIA [ Argentinian band ]

DSC_0459 +++++

FARMACIA is Ariel Sima (electronics, programming, backing vocals & instruments), Diego Sima (vocals, graphics & instruments). The Argentinean band met in 2000 and released their first EP on their own label Discos Sordos. Following their debut “Musica Envasada” (2000) they released “Mal y bien a la vez” (2001), “13 Nebulizaciones” (2004) and “Nanas” (2005). Psych-O-Path Records (USA) has released an original cd called “Crucial Sky in the Land of Premonitions At Lorenzo´s Weekend” (2006). Farmacia “Nada de Nada” (2008) is a techno pop album. “Desorden obsesivo compulsive” Album (2011) and “Oveja Negra” (2014) Farmacia appears on the film “The paranoids”, Adam Yauch´s (Beastie Boys) company Oscilloscope Laboratories released the DVD.
Farmacia and their peers have created an energetic and vibrant electro music scene in Buenos Aireswhere they play various venues and festivals. They played at the BUE festival with bands like Massive Attack, Human League, Andy Fletcher Dj (DM). Farmacia appears with the track “Estas Técnicas” in the new compilation “Some Bizzare Double Album” (2008) on the legendary UK label Some Bizzare Records(Soft Cell, Einstürzende Neubauten, Cabaret Voltaire, Psychic Tv, Val Denham, DM, Coil, Marc Almond).


STURQEN [ Portuguese band ]


Sturqen, 2016. Photo: Maria Mendes

STURQEN are César Rodrigues and David Arantes, a duo from Portugal that is active since 2009. Their compositions, difficult to classify, vary from mechanical post-industrial to anarchic landscapes where improvisation leaves no room for monotonous moments.
STURQEN’s first album Piranha was released on Ukrainian label Kvitnu in 2009. In 2010 they released the EP Peste and in 2011 the EP Colera and the album Praga. In 2011 STURQEN won 2 awards in Qwartz Electronic Music Awards in Paris – “The Best Artist” and “Discovery” category with the digital release Peste. In 2012 they released the album Raia, which was made available for free on their Bandcamp page. In 2013 they released the album Neophobia, a LP vinyl on Kvitnu.