“Lord of the Flies” Ep. 367: 24th November 2019 – via MIXCLOUD Carlo Crivelli, Saint Michael (detail). 01 K. Kusafuka – In The Redeemed Dream, 02 Alziend Component – Aliénation et Magie Noire, 03 Controlled Bleeding – Healing Time, 04… Continue reading

O Arranca Corações # 367 – “Lord of the Flies”

“They were black and iridescent green and without number; and in front of Simon, the Lord of the Flies hung on his stick and grinned.” ― William Golding,  Lord of the Flies  … Continue reading


“In My Garden” Ep. 366: 17th November 2019 – via MIXCLOUD René-Antoine Houasse, Detail from Apollo pursuing Daphne (1677). 01 Virginia Astley – From Gardens Where We Feel Secure, 02 Stanford Ponder – Watergarden, 03 Peter de Havilland –… Continue reading

Hummingway To The Stars (Tribute to Coil)

Hummingway To The Stars (Tribute to Coil). John Balance, o mentor dos Coil, morreu no dia 13 de Novembro de 2004. Anualmente, neste dia aziago do décimo primeiro mês, são muitos os seus… Continue reading

O Arranca Corações # 366 – “In My Garden”

“When we have run our passion’s heat, Love hither makes his best retreat. The gods, that mortal beauty chase, Still in a tree did end their race: Apollo hunted Daphne so, Only that… Continue reading


“Ov Balance” Ep. 365: 10th November 2019 – via MIXCLOUD John Balance. 01 This Immortal Coil – The Dark Age of Love, 02 This Immortal Coil – Teenage Lightning, 03 Unto Ashes – Ostia (The Death of Pasolini), 04 Chris… Continue reading

Perfumed Earth

Perfumed Earth Olha que coisa mais linda eu fui descobrir! A Clementine e a Valentine, duas irmãs neozelandesas, editaram no passado mês de Agosto uma pérola dream pop. As manas Nixon, que é… Continue reading

The Exoticism of the sexes

7 March 1909. Cherbourg. Two oppositions: the frantic search for a mystical purity by way of Huysmanian vice, and of vice by way of an imagined purity. Are these not two examples of… Continue reading

Victor Segalen

“Exoticism is therefore not that kaleidoscopic vision of the tourist or of the mediocre spectator, but the forceful and curious reaction to a shock felt by someone of strong individuality in response to… Continue reading

O Arranca Corações # 365 – “Ov Balance”

“Excess makes the heart grow fonder.” ― John Balance   Coil.   Ep. 365: Sunday, 10th November at 01:00 AM (GMT+00:00) Featuring: Anarcocks, Chris Connelly, CoH, Coil, Current 93, Death In June, ELpH, Leaether Strip, Scanner,… Continue reading


“What Power Art Thou?” Ep. 364: 3rd November 2019 – via MIXCLOUD 01 Apoptose – What Power Art Thou?, 02 Moral Order – Black Goat Shrine, 03 Am Not – White Crimes, 04 Vril Jäger – Celestial Bliss, 05 Les Chaussers… Continue reading

As saias da Olívia, ou da excelente vassalagem e adulta banalidade

“No entanto, ele [o macho] é passivo e na verdade quer ser mulher. Sendo uma fêmea incompleta, o macho passa a vida procurando se completar, isto é, tornar-se mulher. Faz isso buscando as… Continue reading

O Arranca Corações # 364 – “What Power Art Thou?”

“As poetry is the harmony of words, so music is that of notes; and as poetry is a rise above prose and oratory, so is music the exaltation of poetry.” ― Henry Purcell… Continue reading


“Island of the Demons” Ep.363: 27th October 2019 – via MIXCLOUD Legong Dancer, Bali, 1928, photo by André Roosevelt. 01 László Hortobágy – Balinese Gat, 02 Black Merlin – Somewhere in Ubud, 03 Young Marco –… Continue reading

O Arranca Corações # 363 – “Island of the Demons”

“[In Bali] life is a rhythmic, patterned unreality of pleasant, significant movement, centered in one’s own body to which all emotions long ago withdrew.” ― Margaret Mead   André Roosevelt, Balinese Dancers.  … Continue reading