Favorite records of 2018 / 23.º Chromatics – Shadow (12 Inch Mixes)


ChromaticsShadow (12 Inch Mixes)

When some people read this post, they might say “Oh, there he comes with his Lynchian stuff”. And that just may be accurate. Let me explain: the place where I lived my adolescence was so boring that in the early nineties the only excitement that I had was watching Twin Peaks on Thursdays nights. The formula is well known (even if no one else can replicate it). A kind of soap opera with surreal elements, twisted and perverted minds (everything that a healthy boy desires).
Early this year, January maybe, I was watching the new Twin Peaks episodes when I came across with the Chromatics. It was love at first sight (maybe hearing sounds better).
Actually, I don´t know any other Chromatics compositions. I’m afraid that they aren´t the new Chris Isaak or even Julie Cruise, so I don’t want to murder Shadow’s magic. I presume that I’m a bit obsessive, so this six variations are perfect. I can hear them endlessly.
The truth is that David Lynch has great taste and an amazing talent to discover (and promote) “new” artists, and this song, in my opinion, is so catchy that no one can resist the magical spell.
This is a (digital) collector’s item, of course. Highly recommend for obsessive and tormented souls 🙂