A confession + my favorite records of 2018

In August, during my last day in Auckland, New Zealand, I went for a last walk (as I always do when I visit some foreign city) when suddenly I saw Church of Scientology building. Moved by an incontrollable curiosity I just step inside to take a look.
Everything was as one should expect: an organized place with a lot of skillful people from around all the world (I mean communication proficiencies) working below L. Ron Hubbard’s huge and triumphant hedonistic self-made man portrait fixed on the wall.


The Church of Scientology of Auckland, 136 Grafton Road – Auckland, 1010, New Zealand, 9th August 2018.

While I was waiting my turn for a personality test my mind started triggering me with such questions as “how the hell am I going to do the test in English?” (as you all know, our mind can be our worst enemy). Well, after all the self-doubts and lack of self-confidence I just made the test. Then, I should be prepared for an interview with someone from the institution (and I did it, since I wanted to experience the same sensations that Tom Cruise and John Travolta might have felt in their first contact with the church).
Everything went fine, I suppose. I wasn´t ‘converted”, since I don´t believe in any organized cults. But the reason why I’m describing this experience has got a purpose: while I was talking to the lady, asking and answering questions about my test, I ended up to confess something like this: “well, you know,  I run a blog for almost ten years, but I lack the confidence to write in English since I’m not a native English speaker…” and the lady, swearing that she was being honest, told me that my English was fine and that I should start writing in English immediately. I suppose I could, but the thing is that I really enjoy to complete cycles.  And now this cycle is coming to a close. The year is approaching to the end and in January this blog will complete ten years. So, I just made up my mind and I will start writing in English only. This decision has nothing to do with a pedantic attitude, as some people might start thinking. It is just a practical reason since most of Die Elektrischen Vorspiele’s audience is located in the United States.
The truth is that in Portugal people don´t have any interest in the subjects that I approach here. And that’s ok. I’m fine with that. But the question to be answered is “should I continue to write in Portuguese even if no one cares?” No, I guess that it doesn’t make any sense.
This confession is just to let you know that during next weeks I will start publishing some articles about my favorite records of 2018, and they will be written in English.
Please be kind to me since I was born in a non-English speaking country 😉