The Bridal Chamber

“For the gnostic, the bridal chamber represented a temenos or sacred enclosure. It symbolized the place of reconciliation. Gnostics were obsessed with duality, the paradigm of which is the opposition of good and evil in the mind of man, which in turn reflects the dualism inherent in the cosmos. And this duality had to be resolved.
Whatever they might have felt towards Lucifer, gnostics were advised never to treat him with contempt, for he too has the divine spark in him. According to the gnostic formula, Demon est Deus inversus, ‘the Devil is the reverse side of God’. Lucifer, in one modern interpretation, is none other than the Holy Spirit. The Morning Star signifies Christ as well the Devil. In Gnostic theology Satanel (Satan) is the elder brother of Jesuel (Jesus). The tree of knowledge is the tree of life. The Serpent represents the Saviour.”

Benjamin Walker, Gnosticism – Its History and Influence, The Aquarian Press, 1983.