Die Verwandlungen des Ovidii – TIRESIAS

(…) Once, with a blow of his stick, he had disturbed two large snakes mating in the green forest, and, marvellous to tell, he was changed from a man to a woman, and lived as such for seven years. In the eighth year he saw the same snakes again and said ‘Since there is such power in plaguing you that it changes the giver of a blow to the opposite sex, I will strike you again, now.’ He struck the snakes and regained his former shape, and returned to the sex he was born with (…)

– OVID’S Metamorphoses Book III (A. S. Kline’s Version)

'La fille de tiresias' by Felix Labisse‘La Fille de Tiresias’ by Félix Labisse


Bk III:316-338. The Theban sage who spent seven years as a woman and decides the dispute between Juno and Jupiter. He is blinded by Juno but given the power of prophecy by Jupiter.

Bk VI:146-203. His daughter is Manto, the prophetess.