In 2012, Martin Bladh, the Swedish multidisciplinary artist known for his visceral, hypnotic and disturbing work, as well as for being one of the founding members of the post-industrial project IRM, began a collaboration with the Portuguese industrial unit Sektor 304, after an invitation from the Radio Sonores – Space, Sound, Signal.
Slightly over two years later, RUBY sees the light of day.

rubyDue to the nature of RUBY’s collaborative spirit, the transversal line which cuts through all of Bladh’s creations (and one that reveals violence, auto-eroticism, mutilation and obsession) can also be clearly traced here as well as Sektor 304 perpetuation of Test Dept. or Einstürzende Neubauten’s legacy, but injecting it with the harsh edge of power electronics and scrap metal abuse, keeping all the usual dose of Ballardian surrealism, urban dystopia and physicality in the interaction with raw materials.
RUBY also counts with the participation of the Spanish harpist Angelica Salvi and mastering by Peter Andersson (Raison d’Être).
U.S. label Annihilvs provided an edition containing 8 small art prints by Martin Bladh and design by André Coelho.