(…) Some have declared that it lies within our own choice to gaze continually upon a world of equal or even greater wonder and beauty…

     “Now,” said he, “look out and tell me what you see.”

     Still bewildered, I looked through the window, and saw exactly that which I had expected to see: a row or terrace of neatly designed residences…

     “Look again.”

     I did so.  For a moment, my heart stood still, and I gasped for breath.  Before me, in place of the familiar structures, there was disclosed a panorama of unearthly, of astounding beauty….

     “I believe that there is a perichoresis, an interpenetration. It is possible, indeed, that we three are now sitting among desolate rocks, by bitter streams.

     “And with what companions?” (…)

– Arthur Machen in “N”, 1935.

machen2Arthur Machen, by John Coulthart (1988)