Last Secret Thirteen Mix that I have posted here was the Lustmord’s one. This time I want to present you this monumental mix by AutopsiA wich will open a passage to mystifying dungeons of ethereal sounds.
AutopsiA is an art project dealing with music and visual production. AutopsiA gathers authors of different professions in realization of multimedia projects. Its art practice began in London in the late 1970s and continued during the1980s in the art centers of former Yugoslavia. Since 1990 AutopsiA has been acting from Prague, Czech Republic. At the beginning of its activity, AutopsiA has issued dozens of MCs. In the period after 1989, twenty CDs were issued, at first for Staalplaat from Amsterdam, then for German label Hypnobeat and London’s Gymnastic Records. One of its compositions is a part of the soundtrack for Peter Greenaway’s film The Pillow Book. Music production of AutopsiA can be classified as experimental, breakcore, avant-garde, ambient, industrial; it’s associated with a large graphic production which consists of original graphic objects, design of flyers, posters, booklets, CDs, experimental films and audio installations.

Click HERE to listen or to save a copy of AutopsiA mix.


1. AutopsiA – Archive Recordings /1982-1996 (unpublished)
2. Marcel Duchamp – Some texts from L´infinite /1967
3. Ivana Loudová – Concerto for percussion organ and wind orchestra /1974
4. Alexander Knaifel – Scarry March /1983
5. AutopsiA – Archive Recordings /1982-1996 (unpublished)
6. AutopsiA – Gate (Killah Dub Mix) /2014
7. Hermann Nitsch – Musik der 56. Aktion /1977
8. Rudolf Komorous – Sweet Queen /1963
9. Karl Rossmann – Fragment No.19 /1974
10. Mechthild von Leusch – Rungholter Tanz 5A /1990
11. Iannis Xenakis – Khoai /1976
12. Martin Burlas – Seventh Day`s Record live /2012
12. Jan Rychlik – African Cycle /1962
13. H.M. Gorecki – Concerto for harpsichord and string orchestra /1980

Mixed & mastered at Mustakillah Studio Prague

More about AutopsiA: Website Facebook