Thisney Land

tumblr_n2t1irAFqd1rfbym4o1_1280Walt Thisney functions as an avatar for several cultural activities, working as an agent provocateur/ cultural saboteur in different art fields.
Walt Thisney could be anything and anyone could be Walt Thisney.
Walt Thisney takes ideas from different cultural sources.
Walt Thisney is a philosophical and aesthetic mash-up.
Walt Thisney is a strategy to elude the banality of the mainstream society.
Walt Thisney is a creative disruption of everyday life.
Walt Thisney strongly believes in the revitalization of the present through the rehabilitation of the past.
Walt Thisney is a haven for refugees of the postmodern world.
Walt Thisney is the shadow of this culture, disinverting cultural reality.
Walt Thisney is not to be understood. Walt Thisney is to be felt and enjoyed, be heard don’t hear the herd.
Walt Thisney is a paradox but not necessarily a contradiction, this is reality behind appearance, he is painting the signs.
Walt Thisney is reclaiming your guts and revolt in the name of imagination.