”Intercultural Exchanges in the Age of Globalization”

The communication titled “A different approach to surface manifestations on the web 2.0 – The example of ac2012.com, based on the ideology of Aleister Crowley” will be presented by me, next Friday, 16 May 2014 at the Conference: ”Intercultural Exchanges in the Age of Globalization” (Panel X: Media and Communication Studies) – Lucian Blaga University of SibiuRomania.

dont-blame-meTo further understand “surface manifestations”, conveyed through social networks, blogs, among other platforms prolific through the web 2.0, the text will propose an examination of the impact of globalization in the making of contestatory intercultural awareness, gathered around cultural minorities.
Our theoretical approach will be grounded on the analysis made by authors such as the sociologist Georges Simmel and will use a central example, an online platform called ac2012.com, dedicated to promote a unique figure, the British and deceased Aleister Crowley (1875 – 1947), to president of the United States.
Crowley’s legacy and influence are undeniable within the realms of esotericism as much as of Pop Culture. Since the Beat Generation onwards, Crowley became one of the most important icons of the counterculture movement, affecting many artistic expressions. The strength of his personality became apparent on the cover of the album, “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” (1967). His motto Do what thou wilt Shall be the whole of the Law, expressed in his ” Liber AL vel Legis ” (The Book of the Law) synthesizes a message of freedom, central to the AC2012 platform to convey, through the use of humor, controversy and irreverence, a parallel anti-campaign to the United States presidential election held in 2012.
This campaign which hasn’t affected Washington’s results moved people worldwide demonstrating the power of technology as a vehicle to promote interculturality.

Júlio Mendes Rodrigo
Independent Researcher