Heart Beat Ear Drum, a film about Z’EV

ZEVA portrait of the artist and musician Z’EV, known for his punk era scrap metal music – how his music changed and grew and how his personal journey led him to the margins of art and the depths of heart. In addition to interviews with Z’EV, there are interviews with a community of artists who have known him since the 1970s, curators who have encountered him in the 1990s, and young people who have only heard his recorded music or read his philosophical texts.

june9-Diapason-1Conceptual artist, dancer, musician, scholar and poet, Stefan Weisser began playing the percussion from the age of 3, building his first drum set at the age of 6. Moving to New York City from San Francisco in 1979 he adopted the name Z’EV. Z’EV has performed in order 80 cities and 19 countries, with installations as far reaching as Mexico. He is considered one of the best and most original percussionists in the world and has been a vital force in music since his very early explorations, boasted as one of the founders of Industrial.

A film directed by Ellen Zweig.

Check out “Heart Beat Ear Drum’s” official website, HERE.