The Harrowing of Hel

Naturally, this is the season to celebrate the victory of life over death, as any nature lover will affirm. And the Christian religion was not misguided by celebrating Christ’s victory over death at this same season. Nor is Christ the only solar hero to journey into the Underworld. King Arthur, for example, does the same thing when he sets sail in his magical ship, Prydwen, to bring back precious gifts (i.e., the gifts of life) from the Land of the Dead, as we are told in The Mabinogi. Welsh triads allude to Gwydion and Amaethon doing much the same thing. In fact, this theme is so universal that mythologists refer to it by a common phrase, ‘the harrowing of hel’.”

Mike Nichols, The Witches’ Sabbats

Vernal Equinox

Mais logo, às 16:57h em ponto, verificar-se- á aquele instante cíclico que nos permite dar entrada na Primavera. Para celebrar este equinócio de aparente Equilíbrio: (aequus (igual) e nox (noite) = noites iguais), permiti-me escolher, para variar 🙂 a música dos Coil.
Deixo-vos então com os temas Moon’s Milk or under an Unquiet Skull (Part One & Two), partes integrantes do EP “Spring Equinox: Moon’s Milk or under an Unquiet Skull” (1998).

Votos de um feliz Equinócio Vernal!