Interzone – Celebrating 100 Years of William S Burroughs

8PM – 3AM

bugInterzone is an independent self governed stateless state. Its inhabitants are a motley mix of the down and outs, outcast, criminals, and the rich and famous from throughout the rest of the world. Built around a heaving marketplace where anything’s for sale, the city sprawls organically, mutating everyday under the actions of it’s inhabitants. The rule here is the moment, action defines the atmosphere and anything that can be dreamed can happen, if you can find the right collaborators.

Dubious refugee crews of ’Wild Boys’, decadent artists, gun-runners, government agents criminals, artists, drug smugglers, tax-evading tycoons and beat eccentrics thread their ways about each other, amongst magikal and alien creatures, through the alleyways, cafes and bars creating unrepeatable moments of intense human theatre.

Buy your ticket to travel.
Pack your Passport.
Step into a microcosm of all the world by moonlight.

An experiential event to celebrate the life and times of William S Burroughs, cited as “one of the most politically trenchant, culturally influential, and innovative artists of the 20th century“, a couple of days after his 100th Birthday.

burroughs 100Interzone is an immersive spectacle based on the strange and seedy surreal city of ’Interzone’ conjured into being by cult beat writer William S Burroughs while in north Moroccan city of Tangier during the 1950s. ‘Interzone‘ is an event which takes the world of Burroughs‘ writing and brings them to life! Combining promenade theatre, music, performance art, films and art installations. Think Naked Lunch meets Punch Drunk.