An Heathen Tree

Here, then, we have a sequence of religious conceptions and cosmological images that are inseparably connected and form a system that may be called the ‘system of the world’ prevalent in traditional societies: (a) a sacred place constitutes a break in the homogeneity of space; (b) this break is symbolized by an opening by which passage from one cosmic region to another is made possible (from heaven to earth & vice versa; from earth to the underworld); (c) communication with heaven is expressed by one or another of certain images, all of which refer to the axis mundi: pillar (cf. the universalis columna), ladder (cf. Jacob’s ladder), mountain, tree, vine, etc.; (d) around this cosmic axis lies the world (=our world), hence the axis is located ‘in the middle,’ at the ‘navel of the earth’; it is the Center of the World.”

– Mircea Eliade The Sacred & the Profane (Chapter 1: Sacred Space and Making the World Sacred)

This year, Ana and I decided to make a Xmas tree.
It looks like this!

an heathen tree