Heartsnatcher #1 Interview with Pankaj Purohit

Interview by Júlio Mendes Rodrigo with Pankaj Purohit

img-finalThis interview was filmed after the screening of the film Belly of the Tantra, which took place at Maus Hábitos (Porto –Portugal), integrated at the Cine-Rebis (The London & Porto Underground Film Festivals).
Belly of the Tantra – A mystical journey, sometimes darkness tells a story too. A journey towards theLeft Hand Path of God.
Documentary exploring an ancient and eccentric sect of Hinduism, the Aghori, whose sacred rituals include the eating of human flesh. The film delves into the radical beliefs and extreme rituals of Tantra that religion can incite. By exploring an ancient and eccentric sect of Hinduism along the river Ganges and throughout India which has sparked much controversy and significant taboo, “Belly of the Tantra” challenges our notions of faith and the limits to which one can go.

Heartsnatcher intro by Ana Carvalho
Music excerpt “Ov Power” by Psychic TV