Post Funera Vita

“At the time of the cholera epidemic, in order to enlarge [the cemetery], a part of the wall was destroyed and three adjacent acres of land were bought. But this entire new portion remains nearly uninhabited, with the tombs, as in the past, continuing to be crowded near the gate. The guardian, who is at the same time grave-digger and church beadle (thus obtaining a double profit from the corpses of the parish), took advantage of the empty grounds in order to plant his potatoes. However, his little field shrinks from year to year, and when an epidemic takes place, he doesn’t know whether he should rejoice because of the deceased or grieve because of the tombs.”

Gustav Flaubert in Madame Bovary  

C.74.d.6.(2.)Hendrick Hondius Post Funera Vita, 1690