Heathen Harvest “Samhainwork II”

“The wheel is come full circle…”
(King Lear, ACT 5, Scene 3, William Shakespeare)

“Join us as we once more tread the path of anticipation towards Samhain. As we gather together the pieces to adorn our altars and the memoirs of our ancestors for the night itself, these sounds should be the perfect accompaniment to this momentous and important evening.”
Heathen Harvest

samhainworkiiV/A “Samhainwork II”- artwork by Veera Pitkänen

Pelo segundo ano consecutivo, a Heathen Harvest lança mais uma colectânea da série Samhainwork.
Segundo a própria equipa editorial: “Our Samhainwork albums adhere to a simple but important ethos: to celebrate this auspicious time of the year with a musical gathering, respect and reverence for the the beginning of the Dark Half.  The composers on this album have indebted us by offering completely new works from the dark ambient, noise, neofolk genres and beyond.
Como se pode constatar através do alinhamento abaixo incluso, estamos perante uma excelente colectânea, composta por alguns dos nomes mais representativos das sonoridades “dark”, como eu tanto gosto de dizer.
Está de parabéns a Heathen Harvest, por esta iniciativa, que nos proporciona a “banda sonora” perfeita para as longas noites que se avizinham, já a partir do próximo fim-de-semana.

01. Treha SektoriSorh Tah Evena
02. Sewer GoddessNature Of The Black Liquid
03. Anemone TubeFrom Anthropocentrism To Demonocentrism II
04. Lamia Vox & SolstormReturn
05. ArditiUnbroken Tradition
06. Atrium CarceriShining Spires
07. Sky BurialNos Galan Gaeaf Rhapsody II
08. Blood of the Black OwlSpirit Canoe (Hailing Father Sky)
09. Twa CorbiesSee-Saw
10. David E. Williams and Jane ElizabethPeanuts and Candy (Samhain Mix)
11. EliwagarAlver Og Disir
12. SiebenWritten In Fire (Heathen Harvest mix)
13. A Death CinematicThe Orange Glow of the Cities Beneath the Billowing Skies

Total runtime: 78.05

Samhainwork II available for free download HERE!