One Man Nation + H.O.M.O

Saturday, July 20, 2013/9:00pm
Rua da Prelada, 33 – Porto (junto ao largo do Carvalhido)

Tara x aka One Man Nation is a transgender electronic musician originally from Singapore with a background in media and sound art who graduated from the Piet Zwart Institute (Rotterdam, Netherlands). Started out as a punk guitarist/singer in 2001 with Systemless (Singapore), has since started meandering through various musical permutations with many different collaborators such as Zai Kuning (SG), Mindfuckingboy (SG), C-drík (BE), Richard Scott (UK), DJ Sniff (JP/US) and Pierre Bastien (FR).
Recent en devours include a foray into the realm of new media, presenting new works contained only within the Open-Source framework as well as commencing work on a physical interface for musical performance with a computer.



The work of Filipe Silva (HOMO) is informed by the idea of the construction of personal realities and cosmologies, as advanced by visionaries such as Saint Hildegard of Bingen, Jorge Luis Borges and Sun Ra. He is also deeply interested in the use of various sonic techniques for altered perception in the context of archaic and traditional musics.
HOMO’s performances make frequent use of the acoustic phenomenon of feedback both as a sonic element and as a manifestation of cyclical cause-and-effect events, exploring the effects of spatial factors in the shaping of sound, and the relationship between bodily gesture and the production of sound, lying at the intersection of basic acoustic principles, shamanic evocation and lo-fi illusionism.