O Arranca Corações # 38 (download via MEDIAFIRE – podcast via MIXCLOUD)

Subliminal Actions: Sektor 304 live at Hardclub plus Radio Sonores Session

Emissão de 09 Junho 2013

01-Sektor304 By The Throat
02-Sektor304 Voodoo Machine
03-Sektor304 Vultures
04-Sektor304 Vessel of Guilt
05-Sektor304 Death Mantra
06-Sektor304 Prismatic Sun
07-Sektor304 Radio Sonores Session


SEKTOR LIVE 24 Maio HardClub – Porto
André Coelho – Voz, electronicas e sucata
João Filipe – Percussões e sucata
Henrique Fernandes – Contrabaixo Electrico
Brendan Hemsworth – Percussões

Captura sonora por Júlio Mendes Rodrigo para o Arranca Corações

SEKTOR 304 Sonores Radio Session Edit
Montagem de 20minutos da sessão de 1:30h realizada em Maio de 2012 no âmbito do Festival Sonores. O material foi totalmente improvisado nas instalações da Radio Sonores enquanto era transmitido em directo.
André Coelho – electronicas e sintetizadores
Gustavo Costa – Fieldrecordings e processamento
João Filipe – Percussões
Manuel Neto – voz
Benjamin Brejon – electronicas


Sektor 304 was born in July 2007 by João Filipe, percussionist in several projects such as Two White Monsters, Unzen Pilot, FRICS ou Hhy & the Macumbas among others, and André Coelho, who dedicated to sound processing and composition in Profan and Sparagmos.
The main objective of Sektor 304 was to explore something within the Industrial genre, a genre that was appreciated by both for a long time, but never adequately explored before.
The path and concepts established in the 80’s by bands like Test Dpt, Einstürzende Neubauten, SPK where soon explored, mixing heavy electronics to the sounds extracted from scraps, garbage and debris.
This allowed to apply into the composition sounds taken from real objects, that were amplified and processed in a game of scales and sound modeling, repeated to exaustion.
The first release by Sektor 304 was the “Primary Interface” cdr. This record works almost as a revisionist catalogue of influences, in order to explore the potential of their equipment and “modus operandi“.

In 2008, after a few gigs with bands like Camusi, Sal Y Mileto or Wolfskin, the band releases another cdr entitled “Transmissions“.
The difference is notorious. “Transmissions” is a much more ambient release, where sounds are explored considering their spatiality, texture, tone and reverberation. This also marks the shift of the working method: “Transmissions” is a totally improvised session, fully charged with a shamanistic vibe.

In 2009, Malignant Records releases “Soul Cleansing“.
Sektor takes once again a different road, using several approaches and working methods within the recording of the album, ending with a much more diverse, structured and dynamic work.
Several new influences enter the equation, such as Dub by the use of repetition and full bass sound; heavy drones and tense ambient sections side by side with the testosterone injections so typical in early Swans; also the strong rhythmic component that takes inspiration from either Godflesh as from African drumming.
The album is an exercise on power and strength, manipulating “non-musical” sounds and rhythms, inducing visual sensations that brings to mind images from Tsukamoto and Lynch or the situations created by J.G. Ballard.
In the following years, two new members have joined: Gustavo Costa on percussions and Henrique Fernandes on electric double-bass. With this line up, the second album for Malignant Records was released.
Subliminal Actions” was officially released in December 2011, mastered by James Plotkin and with several contributions from Portugal’s underground musicians, such as Rui Leal (HHY & the Macumbas), Luís Gonçalves (Genocide), J.A. (Wolfskin / Undara) and Sara Gomes (Tendagruta).